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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Eagle eye - Review

If Michael Bay had directed War Games, it might have ended up a little like Eagle Eye, a supercharged, preposterously drawn thriller that requires a little suspension of disbelief. No, scratch that. It requires A LOT OF SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF!

In Eagle Eye, Shia LaBeouf plays Jerry Shaw, an underachiever who can't seem to get out from under his more accomplished twin brother's shadow. One day, while making his way home after an emotionally grueling morning, he receives a strange phone call from a woman who ultimately plunges his life into complete and utter chaos. Faster than you can say "North By Northwest," Jerry finds himself on the run from government officials who are convinced he's involved in terrorist activities.

War Games isn't the only film that Eagle Eye borrows from. As this over wrought but fast-paced thriller blazes from one ridiculous moment to the next, one might be reminded of Enemy of the State, The Game, and The Fugitive – watch as co-star Billy Bob Thornton attempts, unsuccessfully I might add, his best Tommy Lee Jones impression. The first half of the picture provides a terrific set up and from the get go, an effective Shia LaBeouf plays a character worth caring about. Equally effective is the fashion in which director D.J, Caruso–who collaborated with LaBeouf for last year's Disturbia-- introduces Michelle Monaghan's vulnerable single mom, Rachel Holloman. It's obvious that Jerry and Rachel will at some point cross paths and that they will bond in some shape or fashion, but both performers are convincing enough to keep at least the character work in the picture somewhat sensible. That's what separates Caruso from the likes of Michael Bay. At the very least, there's an earnest attempt at genuine character development here.

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