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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rani learns cricketing lessons

After playing an angel in "Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic", actress Rani Mukerji is all set to do another unconventional role - she plays a cricketer in Yash Raj Films' next venture and is busy practising on the field!

"I don't know if any actress has played a cricketer before. But I'm playing one for sure. In fact, I've been learning cricket regularly on the field for the past two months. I can most certainly play the game convincingly now, though not as good as professionals yet. It's a very big challenge for me," Rani told IANS from her swanky new home here.

So is she equipped to join the Indian Premier League now (IPL) now?

"I don't know about that. But I'm definitely enjoying it. My practical sessions are on in full swing."

She will also for the first time be paired opposite Shahid Kapur in the film that will be directed by debutant Anurag Singh.

Rani says she is hungry for new roles. "At this stage of my career I feel I need new challenges. When Kunal Kohli offered me an angel's role, I was kicked. I don't now of any actress who has played an angel before.

"Also, for the first time I was playing a character who couldn't cry. Now they can stop saying Rani cries so much in all her films. It was pretty cool to play a character who actually doesn't know how to cry and who had to fly around like Hrithik (Roshan) in 'Krrish'."

Being suspended on a harness, she says, was not easy.

"It required a lot of physical strength to assume the correct 'flying' posture on the harness. I guess it'd be equally difficult for me to look convincing as a cricketer. But I'm glad to be doing work with challenges."

So is she ok working with a first-time director?

"It isn't as if I haven't worked with new directors before. I was in Shaad Ali's first film 'Saathiya', remember? And Kunal Kohli started his career with me in 'Mujhse Dosti Karoge'," she quipped.

After an angel and a cricketer what would Rani like to play?

"Maybe an astronaut like Kalpana Chawla. And I'd also love to play a doctor. I've never done that before. Come to think of it I've never worked with Shahid Kapur before either. I'm doing so now."

Isn't there a danger of her being branded a resident Yash Raj heroine since all her recent films have been with that banner alone?

"Why? Wasn't 'Saawariya' with Sanjay Leela Bhansali? And if Yash Raj is making some of the best films in our country why should I keep out just because people are talking?

"Incidentally, my marriage date Feb 10 (as reported by some media) has come and gone. Would mediapersons like to set another date for me so I can start getting my trousseau ready?"

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