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Friday, May 16, 2008

Angelina jolie at cannes

Angelina Jolie talked at the Cannes Film Festival yesterday about her pregnancy with twins as well as motherhood.

Confirmation of a fifth and sixth child for Jolie came yesterday during a side-by-side interview she did with 'Kung Fu Panda' co-star Jack Black.

During a press conference about the film, Jolie confirmed: "Yes, they are twins."

Asked about reports that she was planning to give birth in France, Jolie replied she had not completely decided, but added: "We are certainly thinking of France."

She said French was a second language which her children were starting to speak, "so being here is very good for them at this time".

Jolie, who said she was feeling "great", talked about making sure her adopted children knew about their Asian heritage.

She said she had teachers to her house to educate them about Vietnamese and Cambodian culture.

She said she was "thrilled'' when the movie, which has been described as a love letter to China, came her way, because she knew how special it would be to her children.


Jolie also talked about the earthquake in China, saying: "Right now, the process is about seeing what's being done and seeing what appeals need to be made.

"I will be very active, as much as I can be, and as much as China wants and allows the UN to be."

Black was asked if he identified with his character, and said: "I don't feel like I was playing a character when I played Po. I was just myself. I think of myself as a bear."

He said he was sometimes fierce and crazy, adding: "I am Po. There was very little acting involved."

Asked if the film was saying it was fine to be a chubby panda and whether that was the message to send to overweight children, Black said: "I'm going to say 'yes' to that."

Jolie said that like her favourite movie as a child -- 'Dumbo' -- the film's message was to embrace who you were and not try to be somebody else.

Dustin Hoffman butted in with a joke at one point: "I just want to say that there was a point in time when Angelina could have chosen between me and Brad.''


The actor, who described himself as "70 from the neck up" to applause, also talked about how the actors mostly recorded their voices alone in a studio.

He said: "The directors filmed us at the same time. They gave the film to the animators.''

Asked about the leap from 'The Graduate' to 'Kung Fu Panda', he said jokingly: "It's a decline in culture -- but it has also reached your profession. We're all in the same bag here together."

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